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With an almost twenty five year career in federal law enforcement I retired thinking I could just watch my investment portfolio in the stock market continue to grow and give me a steady income stream when I needed it. I soon realized that more and more my account balance was being controlled by the sometimes irrational emotions of other retail traders based off of a news report or a social media post. I began looking for a new way to diversify my portfolio which would allow me to generate consistent passive income while allowing me to spend more time with my family.


Green Rocks Capital was created to share this knowledge with friends, family, and anyone who is looking to diversify their portfolio to ensure a more comfortable financial future for themselves and their loved ones.


Whether you are preparing for your first real estate investment or you are a seasoned investor, passive multifamily investing may be the right vehicle for you to achieve your goals. To see how I can assist you, please click the button below and schedule a call with me.

-Chris McNamara

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